Wilderness Survival – Jungle Survival

Wilderness Survival – Jungle Survival

Learn the four basic elements of Bushcraft: fire, shelter, water, and food and acquire local wilderness skills in the world’s northernmost limit of true tropical rainforest.

Our Bushcraft tours allow us to put a value to the forest for local people to gain an additional income from their lands without destroying them. We get you directly in touch with nature, to experience its raw power, to learn from it and contribute to the preservation of its eco-balance by leaving no trace behind.

Wilderness Survival Itineraries :

    Adventure and Jungle with the Mishmi

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Discover the Mishmi way of life
    • Learn primitive skills
    • Explore a remote valley of the Eastern Himalayas

    The Mishimi hills are home to some of the most incredible trails in India which a traveler can embark on. Century old hunting treks along lusty green valleys and steep mountains are a great way to explore and experience…

    Adventure and Jungle with the Apatani

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Discover the Apatani way of life
    • Learn primitive skills
    • Participate to Ziro Festival of Music

    The Talle Valley trail winds up and down mountains, valleys and across rivers. On this trek, you cross the Pange Valley, Talle Valley and Ziro Valley. All three are picturesque, surrounded by robust, green mountains. The trail dips into…

    Adventure and Jungle in Meghalaya


    • An incredible Nature
    • An itinerary out of the beaten tracks
    • The warm welcome of the Khasi people

    Urban live disconnects us from Mother Nature... In Meghalaya, the wilderness is omnipresent and omnipotent. There is no better place to learn how to survive in the wild with no equipment. During this course you'll learn the four basic…