Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Eastern Routes offers you an inspiring passage into the heart of Northeast India. These journeys will mark your understanding of the eclectic North East, its distinct geographic setting and topography, its varied flora-fauna and avian life, the history of its people and the variety of its ethnic communities, their rich heritage of ancient traditions and their unique lifestyle, cuisine, festivals, arts, craft and much more.

Of the people, For the people

At Eastern Routes, our responsibility towards the tribal communities forms the ethical root of our activities. We facilitate honest and meaningful exchange between travellers and local communities to develop appreciation, mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance. By developing tourism in the Northeast we seek to benefit the locals and take care to not disrupt their natural and social environment.

Unity in diversity

Eastern Routes is a small collective of individuals from broadly diverse backgrounds ranging from tourism, to design to culinary arts, each with in depth knowledge in their fields, and together with a unified vision – “inspiring green journeys” in the Northeast. Their individual knowledge on local tribes and culture, arts and craft, and cuisine will enrich your journey like none other. Eastern Routes was formed out of a desire to do things with a heart. To be local. To be responsible.

Green Partnership

We partner with organizations working towards sustainable development and believe social communication encourages expression and empowers ideas. Together with these organisations we believe we can intensify a cause and draw attention towards the need of preserving local communities and the environment in which they live.

A voice for the voiceless

One form of animal cruelty that is abundant and that many people aren’t aware of is elephant safaris. It seems like such a harmless and cultural thing but taming an elephant cannot happen without abuse. For this reason, Eastern Routes is the first Travel Agency in Northeast India to ban Elephant Safaris from its tours. There is a whole lot of information on this online if you are interested to know more and want to spread the word. Join us to inspire green journeys. Say No! to elephant safaris.

Inspiring Green Journeys

Our journeys are a gateway to the Northeast and we inspire you to make them green. We provide direct and personal opportunities for you to leave behind your green footprints. Whether you join a cleaning trek or dispose your personal waste responsibly or watch traditional dancers perform; you could be improving the natural environment or saving declining art forms, all which are crucial to preserving the eco system of this region.

Up close and personal

Being a small company, we are able to offer professional service far beyond bigger travel companies. We handle your queries personally; from your initial booking request to meeting you in person. We are available at every level and there to guide you at every step of your journey. We provide you with up to date information, practical advice and travellers’ tips from our own personal experience.

Leading the green path

Our local guides have a lifetime knowledge and experience of the Northeast region. They are passionate about what they do and it reflects in their relationship with the people they meet and places they visit in their journeys with you. They each possess a unique sense of humour, a healthy sense of adventure and special abilities to adapt to the surprising circumstances of every journey. Using effective communication tools, they help bridge boundaries and open up possibilities between you and what the Northeast has to offer.

Small happy groups

To ensure meaningful interaction with local communities and our guests, we keep our group size intimate (maximum of 10 travellers). This gives us space to integrate comfortably with our surroundings, allows us to get to know our guests better and enables us to cater to their individual needs and requirements. Small groups also means less impact on the social and natural environment.

Home is where the heart is

Eastern Routes favours locally run accommodation. Wherever possible, we encourage our guests to experience local homestay for a deeper understanding of local culture and lifestyle. We believe this is a priceless opportunity for diverse cultures to interact and share experiences.

Explore the unknown

At Eastern Routes we explore the unknown and if those places have no facilities for our guests, we create them. In remote places we set up camp, and ensure we leave the natural environment intact when done. Camping is often a highlight of our journeys as we access stunning secluded surroundings and meet indigenous communities at their comfort level. We do not encourage human safari and advocate responsible tourism by preserving the privacy of indigenous tribes and local people at all times.

Soul Kitchen

Eastern Routes takes you on a journey through the villages, sleepy towns and developing cities of the Northeastern states, and all the way into the soul kitchens where families gather around the fire to cook, eat and celebrate life. There is more food to the Northeast than just momos, and stories of how dogs and frogs vanish from streets only to appear on the dining table are nothing but mere exaggerations from those who know nothing about this enchanting land. While much of the world has woken not so long ago to the wonders of slow cooking, herbs, fresh produce and no-oil, no-sugar diet, in the Northeast that flavour is a time tested one. We are here to elaborate on the ingredients and help you choose from food that’s most suitable to your palate, to food you’ve put down on your “list to taste” in the Northeast.

Ambassadors of the Northeast

We consider ourselves to be the goodwill ambassadors of the Northeast, which still stands misunderstood and unexplored by many to this date. Through our journeys, we aspire to introduce you to the natural delights and cultural revelations of this unsung region and hope that you not only leave behind your green footprints but also take back with you real tales of this enchanting land.

Slow Travel

Travelling with Eastern Routes, it is choosing a different way of travel, more rich and promoting interaction with locals. We design tours that allow you to meet people, listen and discover its inhabitants, contemplate a place, discover an unusual spot and expect the unexpected.