West Bengal

West Bengal is distinguished by the diversity of its natural sites. The fragrant tea gardens of Darjeeling, the sundarbans mangrove forest, the Jaldapara rhinoceros are the jewels of green tourism. Mandarmani’s coastal beaches will be a favourite for bathers and farniente lovers. The Kolkata Monuments Tour is also a interesting activity to discover the history of India as in an open book.

West Bengal covers 88,852 square kilometres and has a population of 92 million in 2019. A state stretched on 600 km. Its north, clinging to the flanks of the Himalayas, is the antithesis of the South made up of fertile plains and leading to a gigantic delta where the Ganges and Brahmaputra unite.

It is this Bengal that is the cradle of the Indian renaissance, both religious and independent, a state considered the intellectual home of the country. Calcutta, its capital, is the perfect illustration, and it is this city that the poet Rabindranath Tagore and the filmmaker Satyajit Ray were describing in their work.

    Tea plantation in Lava, Kalimpong

    Local life in Darjeeling and Sikkim

    Sikkim - West Bengal

    • Share nights and meals at home for real moments of exchange
    • Active participation in life on Darjeeling tea plantations
    • Discover the origin of organic tea
    • Experience beautiful adventures in a wild and benevolent nature

    In the ancient lands of the kingdom of Sikkim, at the crossroads of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, it is a unique human adventure that we offer you to live. The welcoming inhabitants will share with you a part of…

    Fishing Cat

    Fishing Cat & Sundarbans Tiger

    West Bengal

    • 5 nights cruise in the mangroves of Sundarbans
    • The semi-nomadic tribal communities of mangroves
    • One of the best spots for the Fishing Cat
    • The peaceful life of rural West Bengal

    Discover the Sundarbans National Park, which unfolds its authentic and magical landscapes for adventure-seeking travellers on a 5-day cruise. Between India and Bangladesh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the heart of its 10,000 km2 stretches one of the…


    Red Panda and Hornbill in Singalila NP

    West Bengal

    • An atmosphere at the end of the world
    • One of the best spots for watching the red panda
    • A fascinating Buddhist culture

    Travel through the Himalayan forests of Singalila National Park, on the Indo-Nepal border, in search of the red panda. Among the rarest mammals in the world, the red panda inhabits the mountain forests of India, Nepal, Burma and China.…