Tripura Art and Craft

Tripura Art and Craft

Basketry in Tripura, India
Basket weaving, Tripura

From time immemorial, Tripura has curved out a name for itself in the field of Handicrafts. The gifted artisan could produce wonderful objects of craft from simple material like cane, bamboo and wood. Their rare artistic skill has been streamlined in the manufacture of exquisite household pieces. Tripura’s unique topography and the gracious nature bestowed their choicest blessings on the heritary artisans of Tripura. Here three distinct cultures viz. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam have converged together to give shape and content to a unique tradition that found eloquent expression through immemorable work of art and crafts made out of very simple material like cane, bamboo, clay, wood palm leaf etc. With passage of time, there have been changes in the demographic character of the state. Cane & Bamboo occupy a distinct place in the life of Tripura. From cradle to grave, there is hardly any occasion, complete without the use of cane and bamboo.

Cane/Bamboo handicrafts of Tripura are acknowledged to be among the best in the country, due to their beauty, elegance and exquisite designs. A vast range of items is produced, including Furniture, Panels, and Partitions, Table mats and other mat products, Lamp shades etc. Tripura handicrafts are also being exported to various countries. Today the magnificent skill of artisans has been directed to produce a wide range of more than 200 exquisite products. Presently, about 10,000 skilled artisans are engaged in production of various handicrafts in the state.

For interior decoration, Tripura handicrafts offer a wide range of false ceilings, paneling, plaques, pot containers (planters) etc. made of gossamer thin bamboo mattress, ornated with wood inlay and cane and bamboo. The household items have blended utility with artistic beauty. Panels and Partitions provide another wide range of utility items made out of solid but thinly splitted bamboo pasted on plywood. Lamp shades made of fine strips of cane & bamboo add distinct tough and glamour to the living room. Exhibiting a rare combination of tradition and talent, the products would brighten up the interiors demonstrating the taste and feeling of the connoisseurs.

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